Event: Public Stargazing

Event: Public Stargazing

From Gallery: Frosty Drew Nature Center & Observatory Events

When: Friday August 22, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

Welcome to the Frosty Drew Observatory Public Stargazing Night! Tonight we will open the Sky Theatre and Observatory at 7:00 on standby. If the sky is clear enough we will start with Saturn and more. Read about it....
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  • On: Wed, 1 Jan 2014 13:58:48 EST

Best Night Sky Photos of the Week: Aug. 23, 2014

From Gallery: SPACE.com

From Venus and Jupiter taking center stage, to spectacular auroras, don't miss these amazing objects to watch in the night sky.
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  • On: Sat, 23 Aug 2014 13:18:28 EDT

SpaceX Rocket Explodes After Liftoff | Video

From Gallery: SPACE.com

The private spaceflight company's Falcon 9 reusable (F9R) rocket was forced to self-destruct after an anomaly during a test flight on Friday April 21st, 2014. They are preparing a thorough investigation into Friday's mishap.
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  • On: Sat, 23 Aug 2014 11:48:27 EDT

30 Satellites To Launch For European Global Navigation System | Video

From Gallery: SPACE.com

The Galileo constellation will consist of 30 satellites (First two failed to reach correct orbit - see the launch). The European Space Agency hopes to launch the satellites once every 3 to 4 months.
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  • On: Sat, 23 Aug 2014 11:00:04 EDT

Galileo Satellites Fail To Reach Correct Orbit - Launch Video

From Gallery: SPACE.com

A Soyuz ST-B rocket blasted off from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana with a payload of two Full Operational Capability (FOC) satellites for the Galileo constellation.
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  • On: Sat, 23 Aug 2014 10:41:55 EDT

How Does Curiosity Look After Two Years On Mars?

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The Mars Science Laboratory has survived through the harsh conditions on the Red Planet, but it has not come through unscathed. Buzz60's Patrick Jones reports.
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  • On: Sat, 23 Aug 2014 10:09:18 EDT

Frosty Drew Clear Sky Chart

Current seeing conditions at Frosty Drew Observatory

The Sun and Moon Today

  • The Sun as seen today from NASA SDO.
  • Waning Crescent 4 phase

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy Picture of the DayThe Spectre of Veszprem

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