Spooky Views - A Halloween Stargazing Experience

Spooky Views Spooky Views - A Halloween Stargazing Experience

Join the Frosty Drew Astronomers for a night under spooky Halloween skies. We will have views of The Moon, Saturn, Uranus, and more in our telescopes. In the Sky Theatre we will have activities to celebrate astronomy and Halloween. Loads of candy will be available as well throughout the night. As the witching hour approaches we will direct our telescopes towards planetary nebulae - the remnants of dying stars - as we celebrate the departure from the lighter half of the year and plunge into the darker half.

We will open the Observatory at 6:30 p.m. in full out Halloween mode with frightful sights, spooky sounds, and candy available for all who visit. Telescopes will start with departing views of Saturn’s rings, quickly followed by views of the first quarter Moon. As twilight wanes we will direct our telescopes towards Uranus. Later in the night, telescopes will showcase a handful of planetary nebulae, the ghastly remnants of dying stars. We will stay open until 11:30 p.m. celebrating clear skies and Halloween freak outs.

So dig out that old costume, put on your mask and come out to the creepy woodlands of Ninigret Park to celebrate the Eve of All Hallows... If you dare...