Getting Involved with Frosty Drew

Would you like to help? Frosty Drew is always looking for help from the community. We are a community-oriented organization and without community involvement, we would not exist. Helping can be as easy as telling someone who is interested in astronomy, nature, science, or engineering about the Frosty Drew Observatory and Science Center. Read below to find out how you can best help Frosty Drew accomplish its mission of delivering inspirational science education to people of all ages.

Without volunteers we simply could not function. There are hundreds of tasks that need to be done to keep our facilities open and programs up and running. Are you good with carpentry, landscaping, gardening, graphic design, etc.? Are you as much a geek with your own telescope as we are with ours? We'd love to have you become one of the team at the Observatory and Science Center. If you are interested in volunteering at Frosty Drew, please contact us.
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Memberships open the door to activities that help you to experience and enjoy nature and astronomy with others at Frosty Drew. Membership fees and contributions help to support our educational efforts and goals.
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Donate to Frosty Drew
We are supported entirely by memberships, private donations, grants, fundraising, and gifts. We do not receive funding from the town of Charlestown or the state of Rhode Island. Frosty Drew Observatory and Science Center is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, and our program fees are kept as low as possible. Donations of any size are very much appreciated and help us to keep Frosty Drew Observatory and Science Center as a vital asset for our community. Frosty Drew accepts the following types of donations.