Frosty Drew Homeschool Science Programs

The Frosty Drew Nature Center's Homeschool Science classes will offer a look at the different ecosystems outside the Frosty Drew Nature Center and the resources inside the Nature Center. For the Fall, a marine and aquatic emphasis will be offered in the programs on Mondays; a terrestrial emphasis will be offered on Wednesdays. The focus will be on species we can find in Ninigret Park and Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge. Programs will follow the Frosty Drew philosophy of minds-on, hands-on learning.

Programs for two different age groups are available

This will offer different levels of scientific instruction to children, but since students advance at differing rates, this also offers some flexibility. Parents should use their judgment to determine which age group class would be best for their child. The programs offered to a younger age group - for ages 6-9 will be a beginners-level class. The programs offered to the older group - for ages 10-13 - will be geared to more advanced learners. However, if a child has prior knowledge of a subject, he or she is welcome to join the older group.

Series of 8 classes for one age group - $150/nonmember or $110/member
Each single class is $20/nonmember or $15/member per class
Each class is 2 hours long and includes all materials.

The time of day a program is offered varies according to the seasons. Please check times under program description. Emphasis will be on an outdoors "field" component whenever weather permits. Please be sure children dress accordingly.

Since we need a minimum of 6 students to run a program, please register in advance! Drop-ins will be allowed if space is available - maximum of 15 students in each program.

For more information about the Frosty Drew Homeschool Science Programs, please contact us at or by phone at (401)859-1450.