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Diffuse Nebula
Diffuse nebulae are nebulae illuminated by both reflected star light and light from gas ionization in the nebula. This album is a collection of photos taken at Frosty Drew Observatory showcasing various diffuse and reflection nebulae. ... more
Planet: Venus
Venus is the second planet from the Sun in the Solar System. Being closer to the Sun than Earth, we have to look towards the Sun to catch a view. Consequently, we see Venus in phases. Depending on the side of the Sun that Venus is placed during its orbit ... more
Milky Way Galaxy
Frosty Drew Observatory and Ninigret Park in Charlestown, Rhode Island (where Frosty Drew Observatory resides) have a remarkably dark sky overhead and the Milky Way galaxy is mesmerizing to look at there on clear, moonless nights.This gallery wi... more
This gallery will feature photos captured at Frosty Drew Observatory showcasing constellations.... more