Our sky is segmented into 88 different constellations; patterns made up of the brightest stars that divide our sky into sections. Each constellation is named after its apparent shape or more commonly after a mythical figure from Earth's human history.
Frosty Drew Observatory Life List
The Frosty Drew Observatory Life List combines all targets seen through the Frosty Drew Observatory since the installation of our Meade 16 Inch LX200 SCT at the end of July 1999. We currently have 708 entries on our life list.
Messier Catalog
The Messier catalog is the most famous catalog of deep sky objects (DSO). The catalog was compiled by an astronomer named Charles Messier. Messier was a famous comet hunter who created a registry of objects that were not stars and not comets to help reduce false positives while looking for comets. That registry became the famous Messier catalog.
The Solar System
The Solar System, our little corner of the galaxy is full of fascinating objects that interact with our stellar environment every day. Our Solar System is unique and exists as a harmonious celestial ecosystem orbiting around our own star, the Sun. Emerse yourself in the Planets, Moon, Asteroids, Proto-Planets and many other celestial bodies that make up our stellar community.
Star Data
Stars, luminous balls of plasma held together by gravity, are responsible for all natural light in our sky. The Milky Way Galaxy is estimated to contain no less than 200 billion stars. Extensive catalogs of stars have been created to keep track of the endless number of stars that we discover.