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Finally, last night we had a classic Frosty Drew brilliantly clear sky night. June is one of our best months for observation at Frosty Drew and last night great. We started off with a beautiful waxing crescent moon and Saturn. Later we moved to m104, m5, m13, m92, m57, m8, m16, m17, m20, m22, ngc6826, ngc7009, m3, and we finished the night off with a rough confirmation of the supernova visible in m51. Abducted Mike and Ariel came out last night to enjoy the skies and everyone had a blast. We closed up around 2:45 and counted 64 signatures in our guestbook. Tonight looks to be another beautiful night for observation, so head up to Seagrave Observatory in N. Situate for another night of spectacular viewing.

-Scott MacNeill

Scott MacNeill
Scott MacNeill
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Jun 3, 2011
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Scott MacNeill's Log
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