Horizontal and Equatorial Coordinates

Horizontal to Equatorial Coordinates

Look in the sky - it a bird, it a plane, its Super Nova! Fine, but how do you tell people elsewhere in the world where to look? Translate from your local horizontal coordinates to the standard Equatorial coordinates. Here is a tool to do this chore. See Note 1.

Equatorial To Horizontal Coordinates

The first northern hemisphere Super Nova has just been reported giving its Equatorial coordinates "Great" you say "but where do I look?" You want to know where it is in YOUR sky tonight Here is the tool It is, of course, the inverse of the tool to the left. See Note 1.

Note 1:

The tools to switch between horizontal and equatorial coordinates require both the time (Date & Time) and the location of the user on Earth (Latitude and Longitude) The default location is Frosty Drew observatory next Friday night. Together the time and location resolve the position of the local horizon.

This utility was authored by Les Coleman and is subject to Copyrights belonging to Les Coleman. This material may be referenced and reproduced as long as proper attribution is given as specified in Proper Usage Guidelines for Frosty Drew and Related Materials.