Summer Stargazing Nights

Summer Stargazing Nights

Frosty Drew Observatory and Science Center
Fri, Jun 3, 2022 6:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Tickets are required to attend

Welcome to the Frosty Drew Observatory Summer Stargazing Nights! Every Friday night (weather permitting) we open our Observatory, Sky Theatre, and telescopes to the skies and offer free stargazing and astronomy to anybody interested in observing with us.

Tonight's forecasts are somewhat all over the place. From what we can tell, there will be clouds at times tonight, and there will be clearings. How the night plays out really comes down to when the clearings happen. Considering that we are in our summertime season at Frosty Drew, we open early with views of the Sun. Which may work out according to some forecasting sources. In any case, we will work with what we have.

At 6:30 pm we will open the Observatory, Science Center, Sky Theatre, and Observatory Courtyard. In the Courtyard we will have our solar telescopes set up and tracking the Sun. One of our telescopes will showcase the solar chromosphere, and the other will showcase the solar photosphere. Sunspots, prominences, and the Sun’s magnetic field lines will all be visible. At 7:00 and 8:00, on the hour, Frosty Drew Astronomy Team member, Jessica, will host Story Time Under the Willow. Once the Sun sets, we will switch over to stargazing mode. On our list of celebrations are the 19% waxing crescent Moon, which will be sporting a stunning view of Earthshine (when sunlight reflects off of Earth and illuminates the night side of the Moon), Gamma Leo, the Messier 3 cluster, the Hercules Cluster, the Corvus Stargate, the Sombrero Galaxy, the Rose Cluster, and possibly an early season view of the Ring Nebula. We will have telescopes set up in the Courtyard as well as the 24 inch PlaneWave in the dome. We will also open the Lunar Lounge tonight and show either a live view of the Moon or a live view of a galaxy with our new live stack display station. In the Science Center we will have exhibits on display, and in the Sky Theatre we will feature celestial objects photographed by the Frosty Drew Astronomy Team. We will close up at 11:00 pm.

Overall, tonight’s forecast is very variable and we are unsure what to expect. There will certainly be some level of clouds that we will be dealing with. How severe, and the timings, are uncertain at this time. On the other hand, the 19% waxing crescent Moon will not be bright enough to fully wash out the sky, so dark sky viewing will happen, and the thin crescent will sit beautifully over the SE sky. If making the long drive, it will be risky, but possibly worth it. Regardless, there will be something to do even if the sky clouds out. So stop in and introduce yourself to the cosmos at Frosty Drew tonight.

Tickets are required for visitors to attend this event. Tickets are free, though a suggested donation of $5 per person, at the event, is very appreciated. Tickets can be aquired here

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If you are looking for that awesome astronomy thing to do or just want a night out to experience the cosmos under the darkest skies in Rhode Island, then this is your chance.

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Preparing for Your Visit:

Check out our page on Visiting Frosty Drew Observatory to learn more about what to expect at the Observatory and better help you prepare for your visit.

Please note that we do not allow any white lights on our campus from dusk - dawn. This is to ensure an equally awesome view of the night sky for all and to allow for the use of light sensitive astronomical equipment. Learn more about why we have this requirement in The Red Light District.