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Jupiter Returns for 2017

Entry Date: Feb 1, 2017

Published Under: Scott MacNeill's Columns

Have you noticed the two bright stars that have been rising around midnight for the past month? If you’ve been watching, you have certainly observed that the top star has been changing its position relative to the bottom star. That’s because the to... more
A Comet for the New Year

Entry Date: Dec 30, 2016

Published Under: Scott MacNeill's Columns

Have you heard the recent buzz about the “New Year’s Eve Comet” in the media? Maybe a friend or family member told you about a blazing bright comet that will light up the sky beside the Moon on New Year’s Eve? Well the comet is Comet 45P/Honda-... more
Happy Winter Solstice 2016

Entry Date: Dec 21, 2016

Published Under: Scott MacNeill's Columns

On Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 5:44 a.m. EST the Winter Solstice will occur, marking the start of the Winter season. The Winter Solstice is the point when Earth's axis is most inclined away from the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere and most in... more
The Orion Nebula Rings in the Holiday

Entry Date: Nov 19, 2016

Published Under: Scott MacNeill's Columns

The Holiday Season is descending upon us in full swing snugly-puppy mode, bringing with it warm thoughts of seasonal festivities and cold nights reveling in the winter time starscape. With the frequent lapse in memory that winter actually happens in Ne... more