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Celebration of Space - February 26, 2021

Entry Date: Feb 26, 2021

Published Under: Scott MacNeill's Columns

After the successful landing of the NASA Perseverance Rover on Mars, all of us back here on Earth have been gifted with a constant stream of amazing photos, videos, and audio of the red planet. Initial reports and testing are showing that the rover is ... more
Celebration of Space - Perseverance Rover

Entry Date: Feb 18, 2021

Published Under: Scott MacNeill's Columns

This coming week set some time aside to get engaged with the many events surrounding the landing of the Mars Perseverance rover. Starting on Tuesday, February 16th, news conferences will kick off. These conferences will cover everything from the rover'... more
Celebration of Space - February 5, 2021

Entry Date: Feb 5, 2021

Published Under: Scott MacNeill's Columns

Over the past few weeks, the International Space Station (ISS) has been putting on quite a show for US sky watchers, with beautiful evening passes that are easy to see and family friendly time wise. Though all good things come to an end, and the amazin... more
Celebration of Space - January 29, 2021

Entry Date: Jan 29, 2021

Published Under: Scott MacNeill's Columns

After a couple weeks of fabulous evening passes of the International Space Station (ISS), sighting opportunities will continue through the weekend and next week. Though the ISS passes over our location several times per day, not all passes are visible ... more