Log, Mar 30, 2001

no people. Heavy rains (up to a half inch per hour) have shut us down this Friday. We will have to postpone our attempt to finish with the last five Charles Messier objects which we haven't managed to sight yet. One of the five can be seen all night: M91 in Coma. M29 in Cygnus will be visible by 11 PM. M29 is close to the star Sadr which is at the intersection of the wings and the body of the Swan. At 1AM we'll have our first chance to bag M26 in Scutum. The real chore will be waiting for M69 in Sagitarrius to rise. If we aren't willing to stay until 3AM we'll have to wait a couple of months. M9 in Ophiuchus should be an easy one because it is near Mars and its illusive moon - Deimos.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Mar 30, 2001
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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