Log, Jun 3, 1999

I made my Rhode Island TV debut on behalf of FDO. He will show up in a 5 minute promo and a half hour "interview". So far, the interview was really a monologue with me welcoming imaginary visitors to FDO. An additional section will be done with some children at the Observatory some clear NON-Friday in the near future. They will interview me about the new scope. This footage will be blended with current footage showing me pretending to open the dome for a viewing session and holding forth on the new telescope "until it get dark enough for the stars to come out". Since the taping took place between 10 AM and 12:15 PM, the stars had a long wait. The people making the TV show were Media One's Chiara Vincente and her intern Damien Carson. We'll post the times of the showings. It ain't great TV but it is worth a yuck or two.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Jun 3, 1999
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