Log, Jul 16, 1999

On Tuesday I did my monologue on TV channel 13. This repeated several times during the week and was seen by more people than we had ever expected.

On Wednesday the Meade 16" arrived. Due to a misconception on my part, we didn't have an unloading crew. The driver Ronnie took pity on our confusion, went to the dome where Joe, I, my wife Carolee and Ronnie managed to slide the heavy load down ladders and with a hand truck got everything into the dome. We inventoried everything and we have a telescope [some assembly required!].

On Friday 60+ people estimated. The dome was closed because of the packages and the start of disassembly. Many people said they learned about Frosty Drew Observatory via the TV show. Only Venus and the Moon could be seen though the haze.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Jul 16, 1999
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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