Log, Jun 28, 2002

26 people. Actually more than 26 people arrived but before everyone could sign in, a vivid lightning display in the west made a hasty departure necessary. It was too bad because the forecast said that it would clear later in the evening. I waited until after midnight before leaving but it was still cloudy at FDO. However by the time I reached home it was clear as a bell overhead. Grrrr!

One group of visitors were four van loads of teens from Hartford who were competing in a contest (nationwide) to build robots. They wanted to see a mechanized "robot" in action (our telescope). I put the system through its paces except that I never could give these teens a chance to actually look through the scope. Bummer.

Ed McGowan, an amateur astronomer from Florida visited us last night. Ed and company are a club setting up a Meade LX200 16" in an installation in the Florida panhandle. A very generous amateur who wanted to travel a great deal has given the club his Ash Dome and his Meade LX200 16". Ed, Art, Josh and I chatted most of the night. We showed off our equipment and traded war stories about public viewing sessions. We wish Ed and his buddies the best luck in the world as they go about setting up their windfall.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Jun 28, 2002
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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