Log, Oct 11, 2002

No people. Third week with the remnants of a tropical storm. This is a bit much folks. Enough already.

I have some information to pass on. The Frosty Drew Board elected Jim O'Brien as the new president. Some of you know Jim if you have attended the label pasting events we hold each spring. Jim is a Park Commissioner in Charlestown. He has some information that has positive and negative possibilities. The Senior Center will become a Senior/Community Center this fall. Additional events will be held their including Scout meetings, social gatherings and what have you. It lights are not visible from FDO and there is a roadway which gets to the Center which does not pass FDO. Our warnings that we could lose a very precious spot of darkness have actually had some positive reception. However these folks will share the park with us. So much for the negative aspects. What is positive is that Ninigret Park will be opening almost all the time now. It will become available to members with telescopes on almost any clear night - or at least so we hope. The Nature Center and the Dome/16" scope will only be open when one of the regular staff is available. East Beach is OK, but the Park is much better as an off night site. More when I know details.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Oct 11, 2002
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