Log, Nov 15, 2002

11 people. When I arrived, the sky was rather nice, but chock-a-block full of moonlight. I knew that the weather forecast was for gathering clouds, following by increasing dismal, and finishing up with torrential monsoons. As I write this note, stages one and two have occurred and I have little doubt that the predicted 1-3 inches of local flooding will follow.

Only a few people showed up to keep Art and me company. Three families, two moms, three dads, three girls and a boy. We looked at the Moon and later at Saturn. Almost everything else was washed out in high haze. The Moon with a heavy dose of Polaroid filtering was very nice and steady. Saturn was less pleasing, because it was lower and in more of the thin gruel we call a sky in southern Rhode Island. All in all not a great night for viewing but it is always fun to chat with families about astronomy.

As the night got damper, and harder to see, Art and I decided to call it an evening by 9:30 PM.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Nov 15, 2002
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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