Log, Dec 13, 2002

1 person - just me. Why would an old triscadecaphobe wander on on a night which was obviously destined to be damp, rainy and downright disappointing? Well there were some scouts planing to come down. Several times they have come when the weather suggested otherwise. However the real reason was to install a bit more software on the Dome's PC. While we still do not have access to the internet or even a phone line (except via cell phones or a quick trip across the road), we know can display the FDO website to anyone who wishes to demonstrate it to visitors. In case you haven't poked about in the website recently, there have been a lot of minor improvements. This is what happens when the weather is so tenaciously miserable. All in all I wish we were looking at clusters, galaxies and planets. It is really sad because tonight is one of the most intense periods in the Geminids meteors. I recently came across an article which said that the Geminids are associated with an odd duck cross between a tailless comet and an asteroids called Phaeton. Geminids tend to catch the Earth from behind causing them to have longer trails that last a bit longer than usual. Oh well, maybe, just maybe I will catch a glimpse of them tomorrow early or after dark.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Dec 13, 2002
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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