Log, Apr 11, 2003

No people. Now many of you know that with my pathetically optimistic personality, I take the occasional glacier, flood and miscellaneous gloom in stride by looking on the brighter side of things but I am enough of an realist to recognize that impenetrable murk, sodden clouds, and sundry assaults by ice, snow and slush make it distinctly dubious that one can partake of the philosophic joys of perusing the new supernova in Leo.

Should this cautionary calendar be inadequate yet another sure sign of poor weather on Friday nights is that I have been spending my time twiddling with the website. The website main page now has a different look every week or two. The sky map background approximates the stars your would see behind the dome as you walked through the gates around 11 PM on a Friday evening. Or at least the stars you would see if the clouds were not obscuring your view.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Apr 11, 2003
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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