Log, May 16, 2003

No people. The sad tale weather history calendar will list tonight as a rain out. Well its not raining but merely heavily clouded. People remind me that we need the rain for crops and plants. These people assume that an astronomer wouldn't also just happen to be a gardener - well I am and quite a vigorous gardener too. It is not possible to walk out of my house in any direction without coming upon our garden. We are encircled by it with winding paths allowing egress. And I have a point to make to the people who say I should be happy for the rain - I would be happy if it actually rained on Friday nights (at least occasionally). However, can anyone except a overeager dermatologist have a pentient for overcast dry skies?

Well at least the eclipse Thursday (May 15) was seen by many. Our parallel chat group (www.snegazers.brainiac.com) has had quite a bit about how nice it was. I even submitted my two cents worth. Well it was nice, but as Tevyeh the Fiddler on the Roof complained "Would it harm some vast celestial plan if I were a wealthy man?" I'm modest, I don't want vast celestial riches, just a few breaks in the Friday cloudiness.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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May 16, 2003
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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