Log, May 23, 2003

No people. We were [surprise, surprise] closed by weather. I hope the fact that I didn't change the main page to "CLOSED" caused anyone to show up at the Observatory. I find it hard that anyone who knows we are an observatory rather than a planetarium would have any doubt. Some of you may have noticed that the Canadian Meteorological Center has stopped supplying some of the material needed for the Clear Sky Clock to operate. Hopefully this useful service will resume.

On Monday the George Bliven Memorial Golf Tournament was held. As many of you know, George was instrumental in the creation of Ningret Park (rather than having it become a nuclear power plant). With Bill Penhallow, he established the Observatory as an adjunct of the Nature Center. Proceeds from this tournament will benefit the Frosty Drew Memorial Fund, a very critical resource now that corporate contributions are increasingly difficult to obtain.

Yours truly (a non-golfer) was stationed on the 10th fairway as an "accuracy judge". I was 175 yards out and set up on the fringe, but this didn't stop at least a dozen balls to cause me to dodge. The idea was to reward the golfer whose drive was closest to the fairway center as long as his or her drive was at least 150 yards. The winner was 15 feet from the center line. I think my favorite memory of the tournament was the mad scramble of more than two dozen golf carts each heading out to their respective (staggered) starting hole. It looked for all the world like Cross Country Bump-Em Cars.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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May 23, 2003
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