Log, Aug 27, 1999

Thursday: A power outage caused problems with the dome. When power was restored, the alarm went off and a number of circuit breakers tripped causing one of us to make a quick trip to fix things. All is well but the telescope needs a few alignment fixes.

Friday: 69 people. A long time without a clear sky followed by an unexpectedly clear sky resulted in a lot more people arriving than we expected on a partially hazy and high mosquito night. Poor conditions compounded by a very bright Moon made viewing very marginal. Art Guarino's telescope was so heavily coated with dew that we could have watered the lawn with it.

Visitors were very impressed with some of the software we demonstrated. A particular favorite was SkyChart III which this web site uses to generate maps.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Aug 27, 1999
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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