Log, Dec 12, 2003

14 Visitors After a hectic day at work, I managed to get to the observatory about 6:30, and found a couple of people braving the chill and waiting. The previous weekend's storm had left big drifts near the gates, making it a little difficult to get to the dome, but a number of folks persevered, including a great group of students from Bryant College.

We started out on M2, always a favorite of mine. We then went over to NGC253, a lovely galaxy in Sculptor. Many thanks to Hank for suggesting this target! We then looked at M15, another globular cluster, followed by Mars and Saturn. It was then back and forth between Saturn and M42 for the incoming visitors for a while.

Some folks saw some lovely Geminid meteors, though I was not among them, keeping my record of looking the wrong way at the wrong time intact!

By 9:00 PM, the moon was high enough to wash out all but the brightest objects, and a layer of high cirrus clouds cut seeing even further, and I packed it up for the evening by 9:30.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Dec 12, 2003
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