Log, Oct 8, 1999

37 people. What a frustrating night! An all cloudy night is simply a failure. A partially cloudy night means picking your targets in the gaps. However, a windy partially cloudy night means the clouds move so fast we can't turn the dome fast enough to see through the gaps.

We started off really well when the telescope correctly found its target star after a week's layoff. It appeared in the finder close to center. Even slight alignment errors would have caused the scope to drift over that time. We were gratified that it didn't.

We were able to see a few things. M13 (the Hercules Cluster), Jupiter and Saturn were available at times. Outside, I caught a few glimpses of M31 in my binoculars on a tripod. However, for a Moon less night, the best we could say was that it was a washout.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Oct 8, 1999
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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