Log, Oct 15, 1999

Monday: I made a trip to FDO to make sure everything was ready for the people who would be coming to check us out in preparation for Project Comet Chaser. While there I got in a little extra viewing on a very nice night. The LX200 was behaving very well, and although there was some noticeable instability near the horizon, higher objects were very crisp and fine.

Tuesday: @#$%&*! and other such pronouncements. At 10 AM, I arrived at Ninigret Park to coordinate with the Project Comet Chaser people. The Nature Center was covered with workers putting on a new layer of shingles. [Earlier in the month we discovered rain was coming in through the ceiling.] When it came time to demonstrate the software for Tempel-Tuttle's last pass through the inner solar system, and Earth sweeping through the comet's remnant trail, Murphy came up with a real winner. If the software and system were reliable, why not have the door key break! Sure enough, my key had lost about 1/3 of its length and the dome remained firmly locked. No demonstration!!!

Friday: 61 people. Art opened up the dome and started up the telescope with the Moon as the initial target. When Allyson and Dave arrived a bit later, Art and Rob set up outside with their scopes.

The weather was cooperative (and what a rare occurrence that has been lately), allowing us to we observe Jupiter [and the Galilean moons] Saturn [with its rings and swarm of moons], the topaz and emerald double star Alberio, the Veil and the Ring Nebulae as well as the Moon.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Oct 15, 1999
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