Log, Apr 1, 2005

6 people Well, we opened tonight, sort of... I'll have to admit we didn't do much. Ernie, Nick and I debated the weather and finally decided as the clouds thickened enough to obscure almost everything beyond the first magnitude that it was hopeless. Sigh! Well more fools we on April Fools Day to trust the Clear Sky Clock.

I really felt bad for a Dad and two nice boys who joined us. They say they will be back soon when the sky is clearer and hopefully darker.

Don't forget that we will have a partial solar eclipse next Friday. One of the most interesting effects will be dappled sunlight. Where it comes through a myriad of small openings such as dense tree branches, you will see crescents instead of disk as the pattern. Kind of neat to see. If nature does not provide this for you, you can take a piece of cardboard and make a cluster of small holes. Each hole will let a crescent of light through.

Just a point about email attachments purporting to be from me or from FDO. We have had a hacker who has either directly or indirectly tried to use a person in St Louis to send things to you via my ID on Cox.Net. My ID is not a secret, so finding it is not too difficult. Let me say right now that I never have and never will send attachments to FDO email. As a precaution, we strip email of attachments in any case. Should our defenses be circumvented and you get an attachment that says it is from me or from FDO - please don't open it. It is almost surely a virus, and in any case is phony. If I have anything for you to see, the most I will ever do is post a link which you can chose to follow or not as you see fit. The link will be into some part of the FrostyDrew.ORG website.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Apr 1, 2005
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