Log, Jul 8, 2005

8 people. Mediocrity is a three person game whose object is to come in the middle. Somehow, I think the weather was playing a game with me. It wasn't the worst I've ever seen at FDO (in which case I would have gone home early). It wasn't crisp and clear, where I would have tried for deep space objects. No, it was sort of blah. The Moon was there and then hidden. Jupiter showed up and then disappeared. Saturn was in the soup the whole time. I waited, hoping that there would be a break after the air cooled. No luck. Most of the breeze was from the beating of mosquito wings.

Much as I tried, the folks began to give up hope before I did. Sigh! By 10 I finally gave up and closed the system down. Next week there will be a festival and a full Moon so the best we can hope for is that bright objects will be fine. Keeping my fingers crossed.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Jul 8, 2005
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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