Log, Jul 15, 2005

36 people. I was really surprised at the turnout of people tonight. We are open every Friday that is clear - but tonight was anything but clear. There were breaks in the clouds through which we peered at Jupiter (and its Galilean Moons), Venus and Albireo. I guess that most people got to see at least a few glimpses but all in all it was a terrible night. I had to rush people through so that everyone could see something when a gap broke.

All around us we could see distant flashes of lightning, but the electrical storm never broke at the Observatory itself. By 10:15 PM it started to sprinkle so I shut down completely. It was odd because there was rain and bright Moon light through a break in the clouds over the ocean. By the time everything was locked up and snug, the rain was coming down moderately hard.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Jul 15, 2005
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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