Log, Nov 12, 1999

Monday: We had a work session to install shelving in the metal lockable cabinet.

Thursday: Joe and I scheduled a work session to try to collimate the LX200. The sky was gloriously clear and the stars twinkled furiously. Did I say twinkle? Indeed - and nothing can make collimation less practical than dancing bubbling blinking images of stars. For a while every star looked like little comets or ring nebulae. Sirius was so turbulent that it literally shown in every spectral color from deepest ruby red to purple amethyst. We didn't get the LX200 aligned but we did try a little viewing, mostly at lower power to reduce the effects of air turbulence.

Friday: 9 people. All the people were unable to catch so much as a glimpse of a celestial object. Only Joe and I who came early to set up for Project Comet Chaser had a glimpse of the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. Io and a bit later Ganymede transited Jupiter before the clouds made all viewing impossible.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Nov 12, 1999
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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