Log, Nov 26, 1999

34 people. Victory was snatched from the weather gods this week. After 5 straight evenings of fog and a couple of days of rain, the skies began clearing Friday afternoon, and by sunset we had beautiful clear, steady skies.

This apparently wasn't the case as you got further north, as some people reported that the fog continued for them Friday evening. This likely contributed to the lower than average turnout for a beautiful evening.

The night's observing started with M13, still visible but dropping fast in the early evening. Jupiter and Saturn were the showpieces of the evening as usual, but plenty of other objects made it into the eyepiece including M33, the Double Cluster in Perseus, M34, M27 (Dumbbell nebula), M57 (Ring nebula), and as the night wore on, M42. As the Moon rose, it became the focus of observing. Since the full Moon had occurred 3 days previously, we had a nice terminator available to highlight the craters.

By 10:30 the clouds had started to roll in again, and we closed up earlier than we usually do. It was still a rewarding evening of observing considering that even the staff had been prepared to write this evening off due to the weather!

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Nov 26, 1999
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