Log, Jan 19, 2007

11 people. Well, we have had a major glitch at Frosty Drew Observatory which will keep us from using the Meade 16" for a while. The dome's shutter simply will not open (or I suppose close). When I tried to open this Friday, it simply made a humming noise and didn't budge. I have no idea if the problem is the motor, the control mechanism, a jammed shutter track or what. It was working without problems last week but it simply won't budge this week. At least the shutter is down. If it had "frozen" in the open position, we would have a major problem. I do not know how long we'll be out of commission. I suppose if we can get some scaffolding in to reach the motor 15 feet above the floor, and the problem is minor we might be open next week but it may be longer. I'll keep people posted.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Jan 19, 2007
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