Log, Mar 2, 2007

8 people. What with an unexpected hospital stay and sundry matters, we have made no progress on repairing the dome shutter. So this Friday we had an outdoors session with small telescopes. I have rarely seen a damper night. BY the time I wrapped up and went home, the temperature had dropped just low enough that I had a thick coating of frost on everything. I spent twenty minutes drying off the Observatory's Questar and an Astroscan I brought with me. On the way home I hit one of the nastiest of weather conditions, ice fog. It was making back roads slick. I had to take the long way home because of flooded roads.

I hope that everyone got a chance to see the lunar eclipse Saturday. It was fine from my deck in Westerly. At first I doubted I'd see anything but the clouds drifted east early enough to let the Moon show a deep coppery color. Later it was about half and half copper red and salmon red as the umber (dark shadow) slid to one side leaving the Moon in the partial shadow of the penumbra. I heard the folks farther north didn't have as much luck. In any case, I hope you did.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Mar 2, 2007
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