Log, Jul 20, 2007

39 people. Well the weather wasn't great (until 11:30 PM) because we were always playing games with the clouds but we had a fine bunch of people at the Observatory. We saw Venus (a thin crescent), Saturn (briefly as it set), Jupiter and the Moon. We also saw M22 (a fine globular cluster) and M54 (a much more distant globular cluster which is thought to be striped from the small galaxy which is being dismembered by the gravity of our Milky Way Galaxy. We saw a few double stars including Alcor (along with it visual companion Mizar), the Triffid Nebula and some meteors which brought up the discussion of the Perseids in August which are expected to be fairly good this year.

Frosty Drew Observatory and yours truly were featured in the Sunday July 15th Boston Globe. It was a very nice article which will be online at the Globe for a while.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Jul 20, 2007
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