Log, Jul 27, 2007

About 25 people. It was bright and clear as I left my house in Westerly. I paralleled Route 1 on Route 92 to avoid the Friday evening beach traffic until I reached Dunn's Corners when I drove south before I turned towards Ningret Park. Halfway down this relatively short stretch, I ran into a fog bank which was suspended above the road about 150 yards above my head. I've seen this condition before - the fog really wants to sweep in at ground level but the warm land dries it out until you are a few hundred feet up. I could make a clear spot on the fog level with the pointer laser which meant the clouds were as close as they appeared.

I was able to show all the folks who were around Jupiter and three of it large moons. Io was hidden by Jupiter when the clouds parted about 9:15 and it stayed hidden until well after 11 PM. Patches of fog obscured lots of the sky and I finally gave up about 10:45.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Jul 27, 2007
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