Log, Aug 31, 2007

8 people. Rhythm and Roots was just across Park Lane from the Observatory tonight but their bright lights didn't cause any problems. Heavy clouds rolled in after sunset. I had a few chores to do including installing some additional software on the Laptop which runs the Meade telescope, sweeping up the dome from the sand and dust which accumulates and ensuring that my repairs to the dome rotor were still fine (they were).

For the last six years, R&R has left lights on telegraph poles turned on. Sometimes it has taken two or three weeks for someone to turn them off. This year, who should stop by but the foreman of the team which lights R&R. He explained that this year, NO lights were installed on the telegraph poles, and all the lower lights would be gone by clean-ups end on Monday. Hurray! I won't have to call the town and ask who is paying for the electricity to keep the flood lights on day and night for several weeks. Win a tiny one for dark skies!

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Aug 31, 2007
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