Log, Jan 11, 2008

3 people. First of all we really were not open, and we didn't do any sky viewing so you didn't miss anything unless looking at clouds is your thing. The sky occasionally cleared for a brief period but even at 10:00 as I headed home, I ran into yet another shower with flashes of lightning.

We used the evening to let Francine Jackson who is coming on board FDO as the next head of the Observatory familiarize herself with our equipment. Over the nearly twenty years that FDO has been around, it has added and subtracted so many gadgets and software thing-a-ma-bobbies that I doubt that the stuff we have is the same as anywhere else in the world. Oh yeah, the telescope is fairly standard but even here, parts of it were designed for our specific dome. I would like to hide the wiring in the dome because it is so idiosyncratic that it defies imagination.

Francine's reaction to our stuff ranged from admiration (our eyepiece box is just packed with goodies for anyone with a knowledge of optics) to a reserved raised eyebrow at some other things like "Black Bart's Lasso" and the billy club we used to persuade the dome rotor motor to stay in the track.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Jan 11, 2008
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