Log, Apr 18, 2008

Well we had a pretty fine evening tonight. We had a fairly large turnout. Only 32 folks signed the logbook but Francine and I are sure that at least 60 folks were here.

The objects we viewed were the Moon {kind of hard to avoid!}, Saturn and several of its moons, M35, M37, M44 {Praesepe or the beehive} M67 {a cluster in Cancer suggested by Ernie}, M3 and M53. We split Castor and Porrima but Porrima was just on the borderline. Sometimes there was a dark lane and other times it fused. I aligned the telescope with quick and dirty swipes at Gamma Geminorum and Arcturus. I file didn't bother to show anyone Gamma Geminorum but Arcturus was a bright shining golden color.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Apr 18, 2008
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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