Log, Jun 6, 2008

No people. We were closed due to weather.

The weather forecast predicted morning fog and mist. My rain gauge collected 1.48 inches of what most have been "fog and mist" if the weather forecasters are to be believed. All I know that if they ever report that we might have an inch or two by mid morning, I'm heading for high ground.

In the category of "get your facts straight" I love a pundit who was explaining the problems of global warming. A certain undesirable varmint was moving north at 31 miles per year due to climate changes. Well this is possibly correct but the next phrase showed the guy had a bit of common sense missing. He claimed that this had been going on for the past 14,000 years. Lets see. 31 miles per year due north for 14,000 years is 434,000 miles. If the varmint started as far south as he could have (say the South Pole), he would be currently slightly more than 426,000 miles above the North Pole (almost twice as far from us as the Moon). We can count ourselves as very lucky that the Moon does not pass over the poles or the lunar globe would be infested with varmints.

As Sportin Life said in "Porgy and Bess" - it ain't necessarily so.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Jun 6, 2008
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