Log, Feb 25, 2000

3 people. In spite of the downpour, three of our stalwarts, Art, Joe and I decided that some work needed to be done at the Dome, so off we went. I got housemaid's knee using a big shop vacuum to clean the dome. You'd be amazed how much dust collects when we don't have anybody around. Of course, a concrete floor (unpainted) is very friable and merely walking over it causes fine dust to form.

Joe moved MS-Windows to a higher partition to leave space for Linux. The Windows relocation went fine, but Linux needs a something to continue its booting process beyond loading the SCSI stuff. I wonder if that could be related to our CCD camera which uses the SCSI.

We noticed that a joint in the shutter was letting rain in very close to the telescope. It didn't actually hit the telescope, but rather than be sorry later, we installed VELCRO tabs on the blue tarpaulin. We now can seal the telescope in a water proof environment. We examined the wiring to the shutter and decided to buy the 8 prong jacks and an 8 wire cable to allow us to shut the dome rapidly.

Cold and damp, we went over to the Nature Center for some warm brown beverage. We discussed additional requirements for the Observatory before we headed home.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Feb 25, 2000
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