Log, Mar 10, 2000

7 people. At 4, the sky was clear. By 5, it looked like we would have a scattered clouds night. By 6 after we had completed a few housekeeping tasks, clouds were common but thin enough to allow viewing of bright objects [The Moon: Mare Crisium, Mare Fecunditatis, and the craters Funeris, Stavinus and Langreneas; Jupiter: Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto and faint storm bands; and Saturn: Rings]. That was it @#$%&^%*|>.

A first grader got her first chance to look through our big Meade LX200 16" telescope. I'm afraid it wasn't much better than her uncle's Meade 90-ETX under the circumstances. After some cocoa, she and her dad decided to try another time.

We adjourned [retreated, yielded, grumbled ...] to the Nature Center to wait out the clouds. After all, last week the tactic worked very well. It was not to be. So we adjourned before 11, closed the big front gates and went home. Better luck next week.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Mar 10, 2000
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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