Log, May 15, 2009

I was at Frosty Drew early this week for a Board of Directors meeting. It was warm and sunny without a cloud in the sky. And all through the night there never was a "cloud in the sky" but there surely was one on the GROUND! The air was saturated all day long at nearly 100% humidity. As long as the temperature stays warm enough, the air is clear as can be but once the temperature drops below the magic "dew point" (which I think was near 57 degrees last night) fog forms. All of us have seen fog move in from the sea over the land. Last night I saw something else - fog forming in front of my eyes. It was moving, but just getting thicker in place. The Sun went from bright to palid to completely gone within minutes.

I decided there was no chance for a seeing session tonight so I started home only to see bright clear sky by the gates on Route 1A. I hoped that maybe the fog was a local effect and went back. Within minutes the fog got so thick that from the fence in front of the Dome, I had trouble seeing trees on the far side of the dome. I left again, and this time made it all the way to Route 1 before the fog was reasonably thin. BY the time I drove up Route 78, the air was clear north of the railway tracks but dense behind. Later in the evening, the stars came out at the house and then within minutes, they two disappeared. The fog remained until the sun warmed the air this morning.

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-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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May 15, 2009
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