Log, Jan 8, 2010

No people. Francine and Les debated opening in spite of overcast, refreezing and suggestions by the weather prognosticators that there was a 10% chance of snow or mixed precipitation at night. As it turned out, the sky actually cleared over the early evening hours but we at least are not in the "tea leave" reading business that the weather mavens seem to follow.

Late this week, we got our provisional Certificate of Occupancy for the Sky Theater. In the future, when all that is forecast is a cloudy night rather than serious snow, icing or strong winds, we will have an optional talk, slide show, simulations with a question and answer period from an announced time (perhaps 7-8 PM in the winter, but later in the spring and summer). The optional program will be listed as a "button" on the observatory main page (the pictures of the open/closed or doubtful domes).

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Jan 8, 2010
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