Log, Apr 28, 2000

3 people (all staff): You might not believe it but we actually managed to get a little bit of seeing in and around the clouds after a long tease. We did not bother to try to use the 16" telescope because with breaks in the clouds being so few and far between we needed to be nimble.

Les and Joe used their large night binoculars to good advantge. Joe tried out his dandy new tripod with lots of adjustments. We spent a good deal of time near Thuban (in Draco) and split a double with the binoculars HD117200 and HD117201. Since each of these stars is itself a double, sometime we will try to split them as a double double with the 16". We saw M81 and M82, Alcor and Mizar and CUDraconis (which was noticably pink compared to Thuban's blue.)

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Apr 28, 2000
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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