Log, Jul 8, 2000

Addendum to Friday night: Art could scarcely contain his glee as he told Dave, Joe and myself of a phone call his wife had received. Mrs. Camilla Lee of Narragansett had called with an offer of her step father Ryder Henry's Questar telescope. He bought his telescope almost 40 years ago. Questar owners are a fiercely loyal bunch. As with so many of us, he periodically returned the telescope to the factory in New Hope Pennsylvania for cleaning and improvements. This 40 year old telescope has many of the features of a much newer instrument. The optics of these early Questars were unmatched in their day and still compare very positively with the best modern optics.

We are very appreciative to Mrs. Lee for her very generous gift of the telescope. Joe has had a chance to try it out and it work very well. We will clean it carefully and have it available for use at the Observatory.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Jul 8, 2000
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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