Log, Aug 4, 2000

53 people. The Seafood Festival was in full swing in the park, so in spite of a cloud cover which grew as the Sun began to set, we had quite a crowd. We had Venus in the scope for a short while and a terribly fuzzy Moon for the better part of an hour and a half. Over head Vega and Arcturus could occasionally be seen but frequently these stars could not punch through the modertae cloud layers.

This was a real disappointment, not only for our visitors, some of whom can only come for a couple of weeks in the summer but those of us who come week in and week out. We couldn't see any trace of comet Linear, or Delta Scorpii (the star which has just erupted). While I was able to just barely make out M3, it wasn't good enough to show to anyone.

Many people were impressed with our software and we put the telescope through its paces, but lets face it, this was another crumby night for sky watching.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Aug 4, 2000
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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