Log, Aug 18, 2000

6 people. Yes, 6 honest to goodness people actually came down in our standard Friday muck. We couldn't see much except each other. Actually, people viewing was much easier than normal because we had the house lights on full. We showed the telescope [purportedly] pointing at various objects. Maybe it really was, but there wasn't a chance of verifying it.

We KNEW of course that it would be a poor night. It never fails. When we get some new gadgets, the sky is miserable. Our new Lumicon Hydrogen Beta filter (the gizmo needed to see the Horsehead and California Nebulae clearly) and our Digital JMI Focuser arrived. Worse yet, Joe's son just got a Dobsonian for his birthday. We didn't stand a chance.

As if that weren't enough, Joe start to assemble and mount the Focuser only to learn that he had left a crucial piece at home. Grumbling and growling he left and returned 45 minutes later. Actually, the little ring had gotten neatly hidden by a coil of cable. It had been in the Dome the whole time. Now, Joe was a perfect gentleman. Not a single blue word escaped his lips. However from the expression on his face I was glad that I wasn't a telepath.

A couple of our visitors became members which pleases us no end. Welcome! After looking at our pride and joy for a while we adjourned to the Nature Center for a bit of coffee and chatting. Shortly after midnight we went home. I slept well until the Moon rose over my window sill. It never fails, go home and the clouds go away!!! There was the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. Out came my little scope for a least a peek before I climbed back into my snug little bed until morning.

Hope to see you next week.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Aug 18, 2000
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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