Log, Sep 1, 2000

59 people. 59 people had a chance to look at at least something but we had to turn away at least another dozen folks after the fog became too thick. We honestly arrived expecting nothing at all but it stayed patch work clear enough for us to fit several favorites in. We saw the crescent moon, M3, M22 and M11 as well as Alcor and Mizar.

One spectacular event was the passage of an Iridium communications satellite overhead. As it tumbled, it reflected sunlight brilliantly. I estimated the brightest flash at well over the -8th magnitude.

We always hate to turn folks away. Many had come for Rhythms and Roots and other were on vacation. It is sad when the weather causes people who have traveled long distances and will not have another chance to miss a time to view the heavens.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Sep 1, 2000
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Leslie Coleman's Log
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