Log, Oct 24, 2000

Tonight we held the last class of the FDO Astronomy Class for the year 2000. Some of the folks in the class will be continuing into the docent (our staff) class where they will learn how to run our balky dome and do arcane things like parking and homing the telescope. Joe was in the Dome repairing a slipping worm gear in the declination drive and restoring the alignment to the scope. This will avoid needing to waste time on Friday when people want to see something. I gave the class the first taste of what it is like to run the telescope and the dome. I guess it was a good sign that class members wanted to know when the next class would be. It will be held next year - a repeat of this class. I hope we'll be able to free up enough staff members on Friday nights to allow a presentation by one or another staff members over in the Nature Center on individual interests or on special subjects.

One area which will be debated on cloudy Friday nights is what we would like to see as an improved planetarium. As with all our impromptu meetings, everyone is invited. What we lack in Robert Rules of Order we make up with enthusiasm.

-Les Coleman

Leslie Coleman
Leslie Coleman
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Oct 24, 2000
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