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The Red Light District…

Entry Date: Aug 2, 2017

Published Under: Tom Abbott's Columns

Is a term I use, when referring to the area surrounding an observatory or any other area where telescopes are in use. This term should in no way be confused with the red lights of bordellos, found throughout the world. Yes both use red lights, but for ... more
Stargazing and Sudoku

Entry Date: Aug 19, 2015

Published Under: Tom Abbott's Columns

Finding a star or constellation for that matter, is allot like playing Sudoku. You start with the easier ones first and move on to the more difficult ones as your skill increases. Also like Sudoku, you start with your knowns, before you move on to your... more
Christmas Morning

Entry Date: Dec 22, 2014

Published Under: Tom Abbott's Columns

What a strange title for an astronomy article you are probably thinking. Perhaps it’s another opinion about the Star of Bethlehem; was it a comet, supernova, maybe a conjunction of several planets or is the whole event just a myth. Although that woul... more
Double or Nothing

Entry Date: Mar 19, 2014

Published Under: Tom Abbott's Columns

On those beautiful nights when the sky is transparent, the atmosphere is calm and the Moon is bright; many a seasoned astronomer will keep their telescopes indoors. To me, they are missing out on a chance to see some of nature’s most spectacular cele... more