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June is for Jupiter

Entry Date: Jun 4, 2018

Published Under: David Huestis's Columns

Recently there’s been a drought of naked-eye planets to observe. Although amateur astronomers had been able to sneak a few peeks of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars between midnight and dawn during spring, inclement weather once again limited their observat... more
Astronomical Potpourri for May

Entry Date: May 1, 2018

Published Under: David Huestis's Columns

I never tire of observing “burning rocks” falling from the sky. While these remnants of comets or pieces of asteroids really do not burn as such, they do disintegrate due to friction as they slam into Earth’s dense atmosphere at supersonic speeds... more
Starry Nights of February

Entry Date: Feb 13, 2017

Published Under: David Huestis's Columns

Winter can be a challenge to amateur astronomers in southern New England. The weather can be very snowy, or the temperatures can be so low that even I need some special incentive to venture outdoors to observe. However, if Mother Nature can provide us ... more
Astronomical Highlights of 2017

Entry Date: Jan 4, 2017

Published Under: David Huestis's Columns

Ever since I became interested in astronomy in the early 1970s I was aware of a total solar eclipse that would cross the United States diagonally from Oregon to South Carolina. Well, as of January 1 that spectacular event will be a mere 233 days away o... more